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PLSSFinderâ„¢ Download Public Land Survey Grid for Free


PLSSFinderâ„¢ is a free application that enables users to download up to 9 townships of BLM-based Public Land Survey grid in an Esri .shp file or File Geodatabase. The user has the ability to search by section, township, and range, download selected areas and/or print maps of the land survey information within a web-based map application. Users also have the option to purchase state or nation-wide bundles of our seamless Public Land Survey grid for use in ArcGIS, Petra, Geographix, or AutoCAD. For online orders, there is an option to purchase the BLM-based land grid, or the USGS-based land grid. The USGS-based land grid will precisely match the section lines from the 1:24,000 scale USGS topographic maps.